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From the Explorers Club: 'The Unforgiving Ocean: Tales of an Unconventional Life in Extreme Sailing.'

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Explorers Club, Sailing Stories- 'The Unforgiving Ocean: Tales of an Unconventional Life in Extreme Sailing.'
Ms. Hastreiter has raced across every ocean including five Trans-Atlantic’s, a true rounding of Cape Horn after 5,000 miles in the Southern Ocean, setting a world speed record in the 'Round Britain and Ireland' race and winning Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Multihull of the year in 2015.

Having sailed all seven seas and climbed three of the seven highest mountains of the world's seven continents, Ms. Hastreiter seeks to become the only female and only other human in history to complete the monumental task of sailing all seven seas and climbing the “Seven Summits.”

Sail Performance Training: An exciting new partnership!

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Sara Hastreiter "...Though my muscles and fitness slowly ebbed away, my desire to pursue my goals did not. Sailing Performance Training (SPT) came into my life at the perfect time." Fred Strammer of SPT, “Sailing Performance Training is proud to sponsor Sara in her endeavors to conquer the 7 Seas, 7 Summits challenge. We are honored for Sara to entrust her Performance Coaching with us. We have no doubt that she will conquer her remaining summits!"

New Website Launch - A fresh start for 2018

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2017 was such an exciting time for me, making connections, plans and exciting new developments for the future. I'm starting 2018 with a brand new website, and a way to connect with people around the world that feel as strongly about the environment as I do.
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